Here are some words about me from writers I’ve worked with:

Without Jacqueline I would not feel as excited and confident as I do with my story. As a new writer, I was going into the unknown, and Jacqueline was able to guide me from the very beginning. With her thoughtful insight and kind suggestions, we were able to make a story that can be happily read by all audiences. She has been a blessing to my story, and I could not have done it without her!

Tyler S.

Jacqueline is one of the most sensitive and astute editors that I know. She was extremely helpful to me not only through proofreading and catching punctuation or grammatical errors, but also in asking critical questions and helping flesh out the story in important ways. Because of her insightful comments, the story became much more complete and seemed to become more true to itself in profound ways. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants a clear and nuanced edit of her writing.

Anne R.

Jacqueline Peveto is one of the most versatile editors I know. Her ability to evaluate academic papers, professional essays, and creative work shows a depth and breadth of knowledge matched by few others. I’ve submitted magazine articles and short stories to her, and each one has been returned with kind yet incisive edits. Whether you want content clarity or grammatical cleanness, Jacqueline’s help is invaluable. I highly recommend her services.

Elizabeth B.

What happens when you merge a proofreader with a expertly-skilled editor? You get Jacqueline Peveto. This eagle-eyed wordsmith is who you want to read your novel before you query agents. Why? Because she will catch every missed comma, every punctuation and grammar error, and she’ll whip your novel into tip-top shape—unearthing story hiccups, theme inconsistencies, and she’ll help you flesh out your characters. As a result of working with her on my last two novels, I’ve had numerous agents request to see my full manuscripts.

Christa M.