What If?

I believe if two words could capture the word “imagination,” these might come quite close. Whether they are spoken aloud or held as close and silent as a wish, they set a foundation for all the castles and kingdoms of our daydreams and hopes. 1400274_10151922391156023_2119827787_o Our forays into the realm of “what if” are valuable. Writers know this, but creators of all kinds recognize the potential in an empty canvas, an un-frosted cake, a vacant lot, a bolt of fabric, a blank wall, a plot of dirt. Continue reading

Steampunk (A Mini Manifesto)

: space and time travel, steam, Victorian sensibilities, and various other diverse rudiments melded into anachronistic combinations

: a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy literature emphasizing steam-powered and clockwork technology

: a past built from known history and what might have been to create a world that never was


Steampunk—as a genre, aesthetic, fashion, lifestyle— is difficult to define. Perhaps this is because unlike other terms, it can be any and all of those listed items at once. It’s recognized by the popular image of top hats and goggles, Victorian dress accessorized with practicality (or impracticality just as often). But it is much more than this. Steampunk is a realm of explorers, artists, airship pilots, scientists (mad and sane), tinkers, librarians, dreamers…anything you can imagine. Continue reading