Steampunk to Me: Be Creative

Imagine moving your kitchen table, carrying off the chairs, and clearing the floor to lay out history like a scrapbook, centuries of design like sketchbooks, biographies like storyboards. Standing in the midst of it all, you can make anything. It’s a mosaic of potential.

Fusing these various parts into a coherent whole takes a massive amount of creativity. If this character, this world, this outfit, or this gadget you’re making is going to work, you’ll have to get your mind in gear.

And it’s here I see the third tenet of steampunk: Be Creative.Creativity
This directive comes naturally to the genre. The DIY community thrives in steampunk and values unique, handcrafted things. There are so many neat applications of this, ranging from hand-tailored clothes to overhauls of modern computers into technology that would be at home on the Nautilus. Old-fashioned methods and skills from past eras are learned and preserved here.

However, tinkering is only a symptom of a truly creative person. Continue reading