Amazing Grace

I’ve been meaning to write a new post here for a while now, and I apologize for a longer absence than I intended. A lot has been happening this summer, and I’ve tried several times to put it into words. However, I’ve been unable to put the right words together. Perhaps it’s not the right time for me to write about it.

So, in lieu of words of my own, I’m sharing the post my sister wrote about this time. She has captured an essence and feeling we both share and folded it into her consistently poignant and elegant words.

Ariane Peveto

When I sat down to write a blog post for this week, I realized that it’s been quite some time since I’ve written one. This is partly due the house renovations, which have evolved into a much bigger project than had been originally planned. What began as a simple idea to take down the thirty-year-old wallpaper in the basement became a full-fledged renovation in itself. Old paneling was wrenched off, drywall replaced, walls retextured, and we’re still in the process of sheetrock repair and painting. But I’ll tell the story of that self-taught handyman apprenticeship and the continuing bewilderment of the former homeowner’s cheapskate-ness some other time.

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