What is Fortune Days?

Fortune Days  is the title of my novel, which is set in an alternate version of the mid 1800s.

I’m currently querying it to literary agents. Wish me luck!


The year is 1851, and the world is steeped in tea. Seizing one last chance to make her living abroad, young American photographer Madeline Bird travels to China, the heart of tea country. Here in the focus of the world’s attention, she hopes to capture people’s stories through pictures. International obsession with tea brews all kinds of intrigues—bandits, rumors of poison, abduction—and with one click of the shutter, Madeline stumbles into the increasingly dangerous business of Darjeeling and Earl Grey. And every move she makes is shadowed by the subject of a photograph she was not supposed to take.

Along with her fellow sky ship passengers, which include an inscrutable tea investigator and her close friend Anne Hennessy, Madeline navigates a maze of half-truths that foreshadows the complex rivalry she discovers between tea barons. With lives and her business at stake, Madeline doubts her future and even worse, herself. She has a choice to make: remain an observer, just a girl with a camera, or step into the action and change how she thinks about herself.

A photograph got her into this, but another photograph might prevent international war.

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