Autumnfell is the working title for my latest young adult fantasy novel. Currently represented by Erzsi Deak at Hen&Ink Literary!


16-year-old Piers Davenant is no ordinary highwayman. Sure, he steals whatever will keep food on the table and his uncle out of trouble, but none of his reasons explain why he pockets worthless odds and ends for himself. When he’s caught by a young witch named Applejack, however, he learns an alarming truth: he’s stealing pieces of people’s hearts.

Shards of heart are scattered across their world of never-ending autumn, and as dark magick grows and the temperature drops, the witch and the highwayman realize they have until Halloween to uncover the source of heartbrokenness. To save their home and the ones they love from vanishing into deadly frost, they must overcome what their own hearts are missing. But mending a broken heart isn’t as simple as they hoped, and Halloween is coming.