A Perfect Heart

It’s getting close to Valentine’s Day, and in the spirit of the occasion, I’ve decided to join in on Susanna Leonard Hill’s Valentiny Writing Contest–With a Hopeful Heart! The challenge is to write a hopeful Valentine short story in poetry or prose for children all in or under 214 words. There’s still time to jump in before the 14th, and you can read the details here.

Here’s my contribution in 194 words:


“A Perfect Heart”

Last year I learned to make a perfect heart:

fold the paper then draw half to cut it smart.


Last year I learned if the glue stick is too sticky,

tissue paper and fingers are terrible tricky.


But this year I’ll make my masterpiece!

See? I drew a heart along the crease.


Couldn’t find the red or pink, but that’s okay—there’s others in the cup!

I love you with all the colors. (But not brown, though. It dried up.)


If the heart shape wasn’t enough, there’s sequins on the side.

I hope you like them and they stay on after the glue is dried.


Here’s me saying “I love you” in letters as big as can be.

And here’s my name extra huge so you know the “I” is me.


Last year, the card stuck to me instead of you.

But this year is different. (I also went easy on the glue.)


This masterpiece is almost too small for all these bows,

But since last year, I’ve learned a lot—I think it shows.


Next year I’ll make you twice as many as I have before

Because every year I love you more.

18 thoughts on “A Perfect Heart

    • Jacqueline Peveto says:

      Thanks so much! It’s a balancing act, getting all this things to stay on that piece of paper. ^_^ I enjoyed your story, too–moving is tough, but having a close friend (especially a furry one) through all the ups and downs makes it easier.


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