Love Letter

Four letters are folded into the striped envelopes of my every day, stuffed, sealed, kissed, and tucked away. No single one is alike—I have everything from elegant inked adoration to scrawled crayon affection.

On this day of chocolate hugs and candy kisses, I wanted to make for you a perfect, wordy confection.

Apron tied, spoon in hand, I followed the lines and loops of cursive in the air, but these letters are everywhere. Here—peeking out of my purse, crunching under couch cushions. There— spilling from behind the desk, stacked on my bed and chairs. They’re sandwiched between the milk and the cream, lining my pans as well as the coats hanging in the hall.

The pots on the stove are filled with postcards from all the places you’ve warmed in my heart.

Under the Dutch oven’s lid is a stack tied with ribbon. My shelves are a post office, letters holding the books apart.

There are too many to choose from! Which letters will keep you warm when you forget your hat? Which words will make you smile at empty rooms or hold your hand across busy streets? What arrangement of syllables will sing to you at night?

Pinned to my corkboard is a cozy, hugging drawl. Elsewhere, I found a wet flood of wistful wishes. The washer door won’t close at all. These closets are avalanches of affable laughter, cascades of care. Dog-eared at the bottom of the stairs is wit, and piled precariously on the fridge is whimsy.

But the countertops are full already! I can’t decide which letters will taste the best. If it’s not quite right, the pan will run over, my butter and best wishes will burn. I’ll do better next year, I promise! I don’t know how to put these letters together yet, but I’ll learn.

I’ll keep trying to find the perfect recipe.

Until then, I’ll use these small letters you’ve given me:

L, O, V, and E


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