“Small Lessons:” An Essay about 7-11 in Japan

If you’ve ever wondered how 7-11 can be dear to your heart, you can read about it in my essay, “Small Lessons,” recently published in Tales to Go by Traveler’s Tales!

The magazine does require a subscription to view the volume, but the essays found there are well worth a read!


Here’s a small sample of my essay:

I have a confession to make. I think I’m in love with a 7-11. Now, before I go too much farther, let me try to assuage your appropriate horror by saying that this newfound love found me, not here in the United States, but in the little lakeside town of Yamanakako, Japan.

Our meeting was sudden, and we met each other through Valerie, one of my new classmates at the school we were attending together. It turns out that Valerie, having lived in Japan for ten years, was an old friend of 7-11. I watched her gleeful expression, the face of someone holding a present behind her back, and wondered why she couldn’t wait to introduce us. Perhaps she didn’t realize that I had been burned before by a 7-11, that there was a long history of road trips to Texas, to California, and to everywhere else stretching between us.

If you like, read the rest here: Small Lessons at Tales to Go

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