Poetry in Motion: Words

I wanted to share a poem I wrote shortly after watching The King’s Speech. It’s a fantastic film, and after watching it, I was impressed with the realization of how intensely hard language is and how often we take for granted our ability to use words.

For an experiment, I typed out the words on my typewriter, partly to have the fun of using it as well as  an action alone that makes communication through the written word more difficult, each letter pronounced and staccato. After that, I animated the words to more closely resemble how I hear the poem being read aloud, full of stutters, hesitation, and stops.

It will continuously loop, so drop in wherever you like or wait until it fades to black.


This is my first time to try something like this, so I’d appreciate any comments to say what you all think!

2 thoughts on “Poetry in Motion: Words

  1. arianepeveto says:

    This turned out so well! The .gif format really proved to be a good tool for a poem that you wanted to make sure that all the falters, gaps, and runs were there and appreciated. The loop works really well, too. Nicely done, old bean! I’d like to try this, too.


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